Dental Veneers Treatment Turkey

Dental Veneer Treatment in Turkey

Laminated Veneer is an aesthetic solution used for damaged teeth that negatively affect the appearance of teeth.

Today a perfect and aesthetic-looking smile gives a feel of sincerity to the look of people. The shape, colour and quality of our teeth reflect the people around us as a youthful appearance, health and self-confidence. Of course, the perfect and aesthetic smile will improve your career and social life positively. If you are not satisfied with your smile when you look in the mirror, you can have the desired aesthetic smile and appearance in a short time by contacting a qualified dentist.

Formedi Dental Veneers

Who are the best candidates for Laminated Porcelain Veneer?

  • For diastema on incisor teeth,
  • Restoration of broken or eroded teeth,
  • To increase the length of the teeth,
  • For excessive yellow teeth when tooth whitening is not sufficient;
  • In case the incisor teeth are rotten,
  • In teeth with a bad structural form and poor shape,
  • In teeth with a yellowish colour and old fillings,
  • Crooked and curved teeth,
  • For the treatment of diastema,
  • Correction of old fillings with faded colour and ill-formed,
  • In teeth with unsatisfactory dental form,
  • In inherited structural disorders.

What is Laminated Porcelain Veneer, and how is it applied?

The laminated veneer is the process of adhering the specially prepared porcelain layer with nail thickness, the desired colour, size and form, onto the front side of the tooth. These veneers made of porcelain have a light transmittance and a thickness of 0.7 mm. They are prepared and placed with a perfect fit and precision on an existing tooth. A little abrasion is required on the teeth to be applied to the porcelain laminate, the abrasion rate is determined in proportion to the shape, colour and position of the tooth.

Pre-op Consultation, Exam and Treatment

Your first visit with your dentist will be the morning after your arrival. We usually organize the examination at 10 am and start treatment at 1 pm. We provide enough time for you to answer all your questions during and after the examination. All of our dental treatments are applied by our well-known experienced dentists, who are patient-oriented and who can speak English. The entire treatment process will be explained by your dentist during your examination and all your questions will be answered.

After the first consultation, detailed oral exam and dental imaging, your treatment can be started on the same day.

Your dentist will remove a small amount of a layer of the tooth surface to permit placement of the veneer. After removing a bit of enamel, your dentist takes an impression of the problematic teeth. An impression is taken of the tooth and sent to the dental laboratory. Laboratory work can take a few days. The dental veneers are then made to fit the teeth and mouth. The veneers are bonded to the teeth with resin cement.

We use Ivoclar brand ‘ IPS E.max ‘ quality Porcelain Veneers, which is the most popular and exceptionally strong material. The IPS E.max all-ceramic veneers offer the best possible combination of strength and aesthetics.

You need to stay one week in Turkey to complete the whole treatment process with follow-up checks.

The Advantages of Laminated Porcelain Veneer Treatment

In recent years, laminated porcelain veneers, one of the most preferred applications of aesthetic dentistry, not only offer the form of natural teeth but also increase your quality of life with its advantages. The advantages of porcelain dental veneers:

•Laminated porcelain colours are stable, durable and strong.

•Veneers can be applied without abrading your teeth.

•Porcelain Veneers have a highly aesthetic appearance.

•Laminated Veneers can be applied to a single tooth or multiple.

•It is indistinguishable from your original teeth.

•No colouration emerges.

•It has a smooth structure.

•Fracture resistance is very high.

•The resistance of the laminated dental veneers to tensile and pulling forces is very high.

Laminated Porcelain Veneer Treatment Period

If you do not need treatment or aesthetic dentistry surgery in your gums, you can start to use your laminated veneers in 2-3 sessions. With a porcelain veneer treatment completed in about a week, you can have a natural tooth look.

Costs of Laminated Porcelain Veneer

The costs of porcelain dental veneers vary according to the number of porcelain teeth, deformation of teeth and cavities, the condition of oral health and other treatments to be applied. The costs of porcelain laminated veneer will be determined according to the treatment plan. The most accurate information about the costs of porcelain veneers will be provided by your dentist after the first examination.

Can dental veneers fix crooked teeth?

What Are Dental Veneers?
Dental veneers are thin shells made of porcelain or composite resin that are custom-designed to cover the front surface of the teeth. They are bonded to the tooth enamel to improve the appearance of various dental imperfections, including crooked teeth.

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