Dental Crowns Treatment Turkey

Dental Crown Treatment in Turkey

A dental crown is a treatment method used for damaged, decayed, crooked, broken teeth in their original forms. Crowns are usually applied to give the teeth a natural, properly aligned and more durable shape.

Hollywood smile, smile makeover, and full mouth restoration procedures are done by Crowns and veneers

The quality, durability and guarantee of the crowns are directly proportional to patient satisfaction. Emax quality, porcelain, zirconium and feldspathic-supported crowns are used in our clinic. Our dentist will decide on the most accurate selection with you after the oral exam and face-to-face consultation. You need to stay one week in Turkey to complete the whole treatment process with follow-up checks safely.

For the teeth with excessive substance loss, teeth treated with canal treatment or in a case such as a tooth deficiency, porcelain or zirconium crowns are applied on the teeth. A porcelain dental bridge or zirconium dental bridge is an alternative treatment option. The dental crowns do not harm the tooth and, on the contrary, can prolong the life of the teeth. For aesthetic reasons, dental crowns are applied completely in line with the wishes and expectations of the patient. Nowadays aesthetic zirconium-supported dental crowns are often preferred.

Zirconium is one of the most popular types of dental crowns in recent years. Zirconium can be preferred for all damaged teeth groups, as the durability is higher. Zirconium teeth can be used for incisors but it will be healthier to decide on this situation with the dentist. Your dentist will inform you with more details about the zirconium dental crowns along with its pros and cons.
Dental Crown Process
Why Zirconium Crown?

Zirconium is tissue-friendly. This gives us the advantage of providing long-term predictions related to the usage period and comfort of using dental porcelain. This is one of the most important reasons. They have a high level of fracture resistance and they are highly enduring and long-wearing porcelain. Zirconium has proved its durability to a dramatic extent with the measurements and tests performed, user groups and many processes. It is the porcelain which gives one of the most natural looks.

Every individual has a different tooth structure, closure, lip and palate shape. Together with your dentist, you can decide which smiles would best suit you and what procedures should be applied for this smile aesthetics during the examination of your teeth, your palate, lips and the movement of surrounding tissues. One of the most important issues to remember is that each smile is unique and different from each other. But eliminating the defects makes a great contribution to getting a more impressive and beautiful smile.

Pre-op Consultation, Exam and Treatment

Your first visit with your dentist will be the morning after your arrival. We usually organize the examination at 10 am and start treatment at 1 pm. We provide enough time for you to answer all your questions during and after the examination. All of our dental treatments are applied by our well-known experienced dentists, who are patient-oriented and who can speak English. The entire treatment process will be explained by your dentist during your examination and all your questions will be answered.

After the first consultation, detailed oral exam and dental imaging, your treatment can be started on the same day.

Dental Crown Procedure:

A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 sessions may be required for the preparation of dental crowns. First of all, teeth are prepared for bridges or crowns. The teeth are minimized by removing a layer of the outer surface and the size of the mouth is measured. The measurement taken is prepared as porcelain or zirconium quality in the laboratory and then is sent to the dentist for try-on if needed according to the condition of the patient's mouth closure and tooth shape.

If not needed, the aesthetic porcelain part is prepared on this substructure and tried on in the mouth. Teeth treated with crowns may sometimes require root canal treatment. For patients experiencing extreme sensitivity or spontaneous toothache at night, root canal treatment may be the solution. However, no root canal treatment is required for every tooth with a crown.

For the crooked teeth, the decayed area is repaired and if necessary, the root canal treatment is performed, only then the crowns are done. Once the dental crowns have been placed, it is normal to experience some hot and cold sensitivity. This cold hot tooth sensitivity will disappear gradually over time.

Dental bridges and dental crowns have a healthy use of 5 to 15 years. Especially zirconium dental crowns provide a longer usage duration. Because they have a very good fit with the cut tooth and the gum around it. Zirconium dental crowns, which have many positive biological features, are the most preferred aesthetic dental crowns in our day.

To use your dental crowns more healthily and permanently, you should pay attention to oral hygiene and care.

Advanced technology and medical equipment in our clinic are used by board-certified doctors. Patient care and a patient-oriented approach are provided at a higher quality than that offered by world standards and in Europe.

Costs of Crowns

The costs of dental crowns vary according to the number of teeth, deformation of teeth and cavities, the condition of oral health and other treatments to be applied. The costs of e.max, zirconia crowns, and porcelain crowns will be determined according to the treatment plan. The most accurate information about the costs of dental crowns will be provided by your dentist after the first examination.

Differences Dental Crowns and Veneers

Dental Crowns vs. Dental Veneers: A Comprehensive Comparison with Dental Treatment in Turkey

In recent years, dental treatment in Turkey has gained popularity among patients from all around the world. One of the key reasons behind this is the competitive prices for a variety of dental procedures, including dental crowns and veneers. Formedi Turkey is at the forefront of providing high-quality, affordable dental treatments and Formedi has been assisting patients in accessing affordable and high-quality dental care in Turkey. In this article, we will explore the differences between dental crowns and dental veneers, and how dental treatment in Turkey can be an ideal solution for patients seeking these treatments.

When it comes to dental treatment in Turkey, two popular options are dental crowns and dental veneers. Turkey has become a sought-after destination for dental tourism, and

Differences Zirconium and Porcelain Crowns

Dental Zirconium Crowns vs. Dental Porcelain Crowns:

A Comprehensive Guide to Dental Crown Treatments in Antalya, Turkey

When it comes to dental treatments in Antalya, Turkey, the options are vast, ranging from routine check-ups to advanced procedures. Formedi Turkey, a leading dental tourism agency, offers various dental treatments, including dental zirconium crowns and dental porcelain crowns. In this article, we'll explore these two popular options in detail to help you make an informed decision about your dental treatment in Antalya, Turkey.

What are the different types of dental crowns?

Let's Check All Types of Crowns:

Can dental crowns be done in a single visit?

Yes, dental crowns can be done in a single visit, thanks to advanced technology and innovative techniques available at formedi in Antalya, Turkey. Here's what you need to know about same-day dental crowns:

Can dental crowns be whitened?

Whitening treatments will not affect the colour of your crowns. Due to the nature of the material, dental crowns do not respond to the chemicals used for teeth bleaching. The whitening agent cannot work on the stains.