iLasik Laser Eye Surgery Turkey

iLASIK laser technology is a combination of Intralaser Blade-Free Laser, private Wavefront treatment and eye recognition system. iLASIK is completely personal. Everything is done based on personal vision quality.

The first step in the LASIK Laser Eye Surgery is to determine the characteristics of your vision as a result of some tests, including the “Personal Treatment Wavescan ™” technology. The Wavescan system provides a 3D map of your vision defects. Then, digital information taken from this map is used with personal treatment technique


By sending light spots to the eye, the program is determined by evaluating the image obtained in the retina layer. It is a preferred technique for scattering, dispersion and shading around the post-laser eye surgery phase, especially in patients with night vision problems or large pupils. After the evaluation with special Wavefront analyzers, operation decision is made by laser eye surgery specialist

With Wavefront technology, 5 different measurements can be made in a short time. 5 different measurements made with an auto refractometer, keratometer, topography, aberrometer and pupilometer devices can be realized with a single device and thanks to the data obtained, the individual treatment is offered. With iDesign Wavefront technology, detailed corneal analysis can be performed, and the refractive errors of the eye can be detected.

LASIK Treatment Steps

In the first stage, a personal optic profile is prepared with Wavescan technology.

After that, a corneal incision is created with femtosecond without using a blade. The vision can now be corrected within the framework of the iLASIK laser eye surgery

lasik laser eye

Data information reflected from the light transmitted to the eye is detected by a special camera. This information is sent to the laser and the planned treatment is performed. One of the reasons why personalized treatment is preferred is the opportunity to create a three-dimensional visual map on the Wavefront aberrometer.

In laser eye treatment, the device must shoot at the planned point of the eye.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a digital eye tracker between the device and the eye.

Wavefront treatment takes measures while sitting, and the operation takes place in the lying position. In this position, a small rotational movement may occur in the eye. The iris layer of the person is detected by the laser device and can follow the movements around its axis in the eye.