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Nici S. - Face,Neck Lift and Upper & Lower Eyelids Removal (Chippenham/UK)

Excellent care, excellent staff, superb surgeon & team, lovely hospital & hotel, excited to see my face when swelling & bruising gone but looks SO good already 2 weeks later. The cost was approximately a third-half of the UK price. The team of interpreters were great & if I had any questions while there I could message and they would always respond promptly. The Surgeon could speak more basic English. As I walked through the airport in Turkey my temperature was taken by thermal imaging & I had a COVID test the next day. In the hospital & clinic everyone wears a mask. The transportation from airport to hotel to clinic to hospital was all air conditioned and pleasant. I would HIGHLY recommend the whole experience & have done so a few times already. Lovely people, lovely place, superb experience.

Helen D. - Abdominoplasty,Belt Lipectomy,Liposuction (Bristol/UK)

I have returned for my second procedure, I have had a tummy tuck and liposuction. As always the treatment I have received has been superb, before and after surgery. I am six days post-op surgery and the results are absolutely amazing, I cannot thank Dr Atilla and his staff enough, the man is a genius.

Carmel S. - Smile Makeover with Dental Crowns (Preston/UK)

The outcome of treatment was excellent, very pleased with my treatment and the final result exceeded my expectations. Quality of care was exceptional also value for money, would have cost 4x more in the UK. Patient communication was good, already have recommended you to three people, since I returned.

All excellent, could not have asked for better, your dentist worked very hard, as did his assistants, his wife who was on maternity leave came into the clinic to oversee the finished result, I believe she was the lead dentist, but to take the time to come into clinic was more than I could have asked for, both dentists exceptional, kind, hard-working and passionate about what they do, they should be very proud of their skills, knowledge and the service they provide, all-round good experience as a patient, feeling very grateful and I have a wonderful smile. Many thanks Carmel

Natasha G. - Breast Reduction Surgery (Manchester/UK)

I came for breast reduction surgery and I am over the moon with my results, my operation was one week ago today and I feel brilliant maybe because the team in Antalya made me feel at ease all the way through the process from being picked up at the airport to being dropped off when it was home time. I found this company off my own accord and wasn’t recommended by anyone and I won’t hesitate to go back in the future as they have been amazing and so welcoming. Big thanks to Mehmet as well who’s the translator, he is a cool guy and not only looked after me he also went out of his way for my partner as well. Keep doing what you're doing formedi I’ll be back again :)

Helen D. - Arm Lift Surgery (Bristol/UK)

I went for arm lift surgery and now I am very well the whole experience was brilliant very friendly professional service and the hospital was very clean and the service was extremely good very helpful and the price was good the driver was nice friendly and pleasant

Lisa P. - Emax Veneers + Whitening Treatment (Birmingham/UK)

When I arrived at the airport, I was greeted by Mehmet, who was very cordial, friendly and welcoming. The hotel and my room were both clean, which had a wonderful view of the sea. The location was excellent as it was close to all amenities and within walking distance. I am very happy with the colour, shape and overall look of my new veneers. As someone that fears any form of dental surgery, I was extremely nervous about having treatment, especially in a country I had never been to, and by a dentist, I had never met. Upon first meeting Dr Ebru Yuceer, I was made to feel very relaxed, by both her and the dental nurses, and any nerves were alleviated with welcoming smiles. The treatment was quick and the quality of care was excellent. She was professional, thorough and I have experienced no problems post-treatment. I hope to return in October this year to complete further treatment and would highly recommend Formedi, Dr Ebru and her team, without hesitation. Thank you.

Nadia H. - Smile Makeover Treatment (London/UK)

Happy with the outcome of treatment and had a very good experience. The quality of care is very good and really liked the professionalism. The dentist really cares for patients and gives her best. Pricing is also reasonable and very good communication I must admit, It was really scary at first to go in a foreign country and have this treatment but I felt very much at ease with the coordinator, always there to answer my questions/my doubts, I felt very much accompanied in this adventure. very happy with the whole experience and I like the fact that I can still contact you to discuss the treatment I received. There is a very good follow up and the team in UK and Turkey are always there to help. I would definitely recommend.

Carol K. Smile Makeover Surgery (London/UK)

I am extremely happy with the outcome of my dental treatment and I couldn't have wished for a better result, which involved all my teeth having zirconium crowns fitted. These were at an exceptionally good price, which was about a third of the price it would have cost me in the UK.
The communication with formedi Turkey from my initial enquiry was very good and I could ask any questions I wanted and always got a very quick reply, which means a lot when you are worried or unsure about anything.
My dentist and her team were absolutely lovely, she spoke English and was very informative and explained what was happening and made me feel confident in her and put me at ease. She also gave me her number if I had a problem with anything.
I was picked up promptly from the airport on arrival and taken back when I wanted when my procedure and final dental checks had been completed.
The hotel my friend and I stayed in had the best views and she actually commented it was the best sea and beach view in a hotel she had ever had, and she's been to plenty of places!
I would highly recommend formedi to anyone and already have given information to my friends, and I would certainly book through formedi again if I feel I need any other procedure.
Thank you

Sarah H. - Tummy Tuck, Liposuction Surgery (London,UK)

I was welcomed at the airport with my name held up by a personal driver, he was very lovely and kind and welcoming, he took me to my hotel which was an excellent 4 Star Hotel, the food was delicious and it even had a swimming pool which was a nice bonus, the room was huge, king size bed, tv, free wi-fi, a sofa and an armchair and a coffee table, the bathroom was out of this world. I went for my consultation the day after I arrived, the lead practitioner plastic surgeon I saw for my consultation was very knowledgeable about the procedure I was interested in. I didn't feel rushed at my consultation, all my questions were answered and I was also not pressured to put down a deposit or pay anything up front. I took away all the procedure details, aftercare recommendations etc. I was advised to browse at my leisure and to contact the clinic if I had further questions. The Tummy Tuck and liposuction surgery was the best decision I have made. Formedi Turkey their standards are as high as ever. I wouldn't choose anywhere else. The whole experience from start to finish, Everything was included in the price, there was no hidden extras, they go out of their was to make sure you are comfortable, relaxed, happy, if I was nervous at any point Formedi would straight away in detail reassure me, anyone considering any surgery abroad I would highly recommended.

Erin P. - Breast Reduction, Liposuction (Brighton, UK)

My time at the formedi clinic and surgery in Antalya was incredible from start to finish. I was looked after so well, and all the fear I had of having a surgery done abroad was all for nothing! I underwent a breast reduction surgery with Dr. Fesli, who was kind and his work is INSANE! Although there was a language barrier with Dr, I was always with lovely Mehmet who made me feel safe and explained everything to me in English, and could always message Cagatay who was on top of everything and sorted everything out for me from the start! All the nurses and ladies in the clinic were amazing as well, so a massive thank you to all the team! I have always wanted to have my breasts reduced and was never going to have enough money to go through with it in the U.K but honestly the negative stigma around surgeries abroad not need to be applied to this surgery! I would do it again in a heartbeat. Also, Dr. Fesli is famous over there in Turkey and won awards and his face is all over the magazines out there, so you are in very safe hands! THANK YOU, everyone.

Tracey C. - Breast Implant Surgery (Manchester,UK),

I was quite anxious paying a deposit in case this was a scam. Cagatay who I spoke with replied constantly to queries. Driver collected me at the airport and took me to the hotel, private clinic for op stay the night and leave following p.m. really good service.

The surgeon is fab, you see him 2 to 3 times at his own clinic for checks. I had mine for 20 years wore a 280 CC when took out he put in 450 CC. No pain, bit uncomfortable. I wanted larger but I'm too small on top so declined a DD and I have a D. I am still at the hotel and will be going home tomorrow but I was scared. Overall great service and experience. 'Def recommended'

Georgina D. - Breast Implant Surgery (Manchester-UK)

Well, what can I say...I booked to have the breast implant operation on the 29th March (I was a bit reluctant to having it abroad being from England).Well, I didn't need to be from paying deposit till now you have always been in touch with me...Great service from airport transfer to hospital visit etc...I absolutely love my new boobs and I would certainly recommend formedi Turkey...Nurse in the private hospital was absolutely amazing didn't speak much but we hit it off)...If I ever want anything done plastic surgery wise I will definitely be back...massive thanks to the surgeon and a massive thanks for the person who was messaging me and keeping me well informed...keep up the good work xxx

Breast Implant Surgery (Plymouth,UK)

I recently had breast implants which this clinic performed. I felt I needed them to feel more complete as a woman, as my breasts were only small. It is nothing to be afraid of. I was little scared at first, but talking with one of the staff before I went to Antalya eased my mind much. They gave me lots of information about the procedure and what will happen. I would highly recommend this surgery to anyone.

The experience was out of this world. The hospital staff were so caring,and after my operation, they were checking on me very frequently. The staff were very helpful to me,I cannot thank them enough. After I left the hospital, the check ups carried on with the doctor himself. The treatment, the staff, the aftercare team were fantastic, I cannot fault it at all. As for value for money, this was excellent, you get a transfer to and from the airport, your treatment, aftercare, and hotel, all included in the price. So all in all, my experience was a great one, I cannot thank everybody enough for their care and support during and after my surgery. Thank-you very much to everyone who made my experience and stay a great one.

Melissa - Breast Implant Surgery, Liposuction (London,UK)

I am so glad, I did chose this clinic. Because I was going abroad from the UK, I wanted to have great customer service and know I would not be left alone after the procedure. Also the Doctor wants the best results for you and to make sure you are happy before and after his clinic services. The nurses were lovely and helped me with everything after my surgery. The clinic is very professional and clean and all the staff were friendly and welcoming. After 2 years now, I am still in good shape of my body and my nipples still perfect and you cannot see any stitches. I am really enjoying my summer holidays with my bikini.
I had the breast implants, and liposuction at the same time of surgery, to shape and contour my body after three labour deliveries.
My body was painful at first night only swollen after the surgery and being sick first night but the Doctor gave me very strong painkillers so I did not feel that much pain after the first day of treatment. I have to wait 4 weeks to see the final results and know if I need to come back for any revisions, so after the time has passed and everything has healed. I keep in contact with the Doctor whenever I need to talk he is very kind after surgery and a very open friendly person.

I can recommend the Doctor on those basis definitely, he is not only brilliant for surgery he is also brilliant patient's care before and after surgery, The customer service at the clinic was outstanding and superb.

Figen - Breast Implant Surgery (Turkey)

After years of thinking, i finally decided to get breast implants. I was very insecure about myself, and i'm thinking this was the best choice i ever made in my life. (I got 275cc) I'm very happy with my new breasts, it looks very natural. My doc is a friendly/helpfull man. The prices are very good. He uses the best brands and you get good service. If I ever want to do a plastic surgery again, definitely would choose doc. M.A. Karagoz again.

A good friend of my mom recommended this doc, so we made an appointment. My first impession was: what a friendly, nice & young doctor. He listened what I wanted, I wanted breasts as big as possible. He gave me an advice to do it natural (because i'm skninny and otherwise it would look fake). He showed me some examples and i was like: 'okeyyy let's do this asap'. The surgery,care after the surgery, I am sooo satisfied about the doctor and his assistans. Everybody was very helpful and kind. I definitely recommend this clinic.

Aysha - Breast Implant Surgery ( Turkey)

Highly recommended. I was very unhappy with my breasts and then i decided to have breast implant surgery.Now I am very happy with my new breasts. Thank you very much Dr. M.A.Karagoz and his team.

The clinic and the hospital that i had surgery was very beautiful and clean. I am very satisfied with the results and the doctor. Surgeon and his team was very nice and polite. They are the best.

Tracey - Breast Implant Surgery (Manchester,UK)

All aspects of the service were great. You advised well quickly and friendly. The surgeon was great.i felt in safe hands.The hotel had a good room and clean especially the view. Aftercare with surgeon fab. Hospital was clean. chauffeur were great. Excellent price.

Mouna A. - Liposuction (Saudi Arabia)

I am on my two weeks recovery after my inner thigh liposuction surgery and I see more satisfying results as days pass by. Quality of care is excellent. I have been taken care amazingly,I loved their hospitality and service before and after my surgery.Pricing is also amazing cause you're paying for their high qualification and the service is above the expectation.Patient communication was great as foreigner and you have somebody who is always there for help. I would recommend everyone with no hesitation.The best part was after the surgery, the operation didn't stop me walking around Antalya for hours since I was not in pain. Even on the next day : ) . thank you for making my days in Antalya amazing.

Sanem - Rhinoplasty (Turkey)

The rhinoplasty surgery has been the most difficult decision for me after doing plenty of research and faced of the complications, risks and unstable success rate of the operation. The success rate is the most important value for me because of the worst experience I had about 10 years ago, yes this is not the first time of this surgery,I was planning. The experience I had about 10 years ago was to fix the broken structure of my nose after an accident,I have had. I was a half breath taker due to the wrong operational results, and I was living out of my comfort zone since then. There are many blogs, articles, reviews on the internet that showing I was not the only one disquieting, and having similar experiences.

Continuous research and face to face informative appointments on the surgeon that stood out the most in terms of positive feedback and qualifications was Dr Karagoz. My first impressions on him as my potential surgeon made me think that I was in good hands. He was reassuring, informative and very supportive with what I wanted to get out of the surgery, which feels you very comfortable and drives out your uncertainty to move forward. The methods he used with his team made me feel totally safe and confident, before, and after the operation as well. He puts you on ease and never puts any time restrictions on his appointments. He treats you as a person not a business opportunity which so many cosmetic surgeons do these days and as a result tailors the surgery to suit you as opposed to carry out a basic standard procedure. It has been 2 months since the surgery operation, honestly I am very happy with the outstanding natural results that suits my facial structure. The clinic itself was staffed by polite, friendly and helpful people.

I recommend doctor and his clinic to anyone considering it, it really has been a life changing operation for me. I would not hesitate to be a patient of him again if I need to.

Selin - Rhinoplasty (Turkey)

My problem was with my nose and there was a bridge just on my nose. It was an obstruction to breath well and the outlook was bothering me so I decided to have an operarion. Rhinoplasty was the solution. It has been almost one month onward my operation. I am quite happy with my nose. Operation was quick and painless and I felt myself quite good even a few hours later. I strongly advise the doctor and his clinic.He is very professional.

Fatima - Rhinoplasty,Dermal Filler (Oradea)

Doctor has been really kind to remove our casts from the nose. Hope to see you soon for other treatments as well. The clinic is in good location, very easy to find and Antalya has nice weather.The clinic is beautiful and with excellent doctor and staff's working there, amazing it was overall.They have very friendly environment.

Adam J. - Smile Makeover,Dental Crowns (London-UK)

I booked my dentist treatment through formedi clinic turkey and from the initial enquiry they were very prompt with messages and info, I then sent photos and was advised what treatment was needed, once booked it was a smooth process and the dentist practice in Antalya/Turkey was AMAZING, they take true pride in the work they do, I love my new smile and the price they said from the initial quotation was what I paid, no price changes at all. I was a little hesitant at first with booking my dentist treatment abroad, but couldn't recommend it more! Brilliant 5* A. Jacobs 33 - UK

Nicola W. - Dental Implant,Crowns and Whitening (Manchester-UK)

Absolutely amazing dental care From start to finish this has been an amazing experience .and to think that I was nervous . My teeth look fantastic I am so very happy .my dentist was lovely .and the pain was very little... The hotel was amazing too with gorgeous room and sea view very clean and spacious. And what better way to recover in luxury and on the beach in the sunshine I would recommend formedi clinic in Antalya to anyone and I will be back soon for more work doing Great value for money too More than 5 ☆ Thanks again for everything and mostly for making me smile again

Masood K. - Hair Transplant (Cardiff-UK)

My time at the clinic was a very good experience, the staff were friendly and looked after me very well. The results afterward are very good, I am very pleased with the service.

Andrea - Hair Transplant (Germany)

Great experience! The clinic is very nice and a very friendly staff. The doctor is very knowledgeable, professional, and super friendly.The staff is very good and work with much professionalism. The procedure was a little painful, but doctor was very comforting. I am seeing great results from the procedure. Would definitely recommend.

Deborah K. - Laser Eye Surgery (UK)

All is good, eyes are fine, still using my drops and have been recommending surgery to everyone! See you for follow-up check in January

Renita S. - Laser Eye Surgery (Trinidad and Tobago)

Just wanted to say how very pleased I was with my lasik surgery in your clinic in Antalya / Turkey. The staff was very supportive and my doctor was both friendly and professional . The treatment was painless and by the next morning my vision had improved considerably. I would highly recommend this clinic for laser eye surgery .

Fabio C. - Laser Eye Surgery (Switzerland)

With the Whole team of the hospital , we were very happy. It is friendly, competent and very professional. Could we rate this with 5 stars, we would give 6 stars. The laser eye surgery, was a complete success. No pain, no complications all was top of the top. Thank you to the whole staff.

Angelo D. - Laser Eye Surgery (Netherland)

a great clinic with friendly people and a very helpful assistant who speaks very good English and help me with everything

Colinda D.- Laser Eye Surgery (Netherland)

my son had his eyes laser in this clinic last year in Oktober and he was, still is very happy with it so that he recommended me to do the same, so now I am very happy that I dit is and the staff was very helpful, the lady that helped me spoke German with me and that's help me a lot, again thank you for everything.

Maria E. - Laser Eye Surgery (Denmark)

I had a successful eye laser surgery at the clinic so now I do not need to wear glasses any more. I experienced very friendly and helpful staff.

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