When you confirm the all treatment plan as explained, then we will book and plan your treatment and your surgery will be secured.

After your booking confirmation by the International Patient Services Department, You must pay the deposit in advance to keep the surgery day on your doctor's calendar and to make all arrangements before you come.

The rest payment must be completed in cash on your arrival at the clinic or through the bank transfer on the details below. We make arrangements for your surgical equipment, operation team in the hospital, accommodation(if needed), airport-hotel-hospital transport (if needed) before you come and the doctor does not perform any other procedure on your surgery day, he/she keeps the appointment day and the time for your surgery. (We do not accept international card payments at the clinic due to high deduction rates.) You can only pay the deposit by bank transfer or pay through our online payment system by card. (+%4 extra bank commission)


Please follow government websites for up to date regulations for international travel.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, your current treatment plan may be cancelled, delayed or postponed. In the case of borders closing, hospital restriction, flights cancellation, we may need to postpone your appointment to a future date.

We make sure that we will keep your deposit in and reschedule and secure your operation again as soon as restrictions are lifted.

***As per government rules, you need to provide a negative Covid Test result within 72 hours before you fly. We will also do a Covid test on your arrival before the operation.

In case of your test result is positive, we may need to postpone your operation up to 2 weeks until you are cleared and then we will perform another test to make sure you are negative. You need to cover your own accommodation within this self-quarantine period.

Refund Policy:

*Our doctors may recommend you additional treatment besides OR instead of your current treatment plan depends on your consultation and physical exam results. If there is a new procedure, advised, in addition to your planned treatment, the new surgery payment is done separately from your current payment plan. (*You are not obliged to have the recommended new procedure, it is processed up to your confirmation.) Our doctor may also postpone or cancel your operation to not risk your health for any reason regarding your physical exam, tests or medical/mental condition.

*If you are not approved to go in for operation by your Surgeon/Doctor because of the consultation, exam, screening, blood test results or any other reason, you will be only charged for consultation, exam, and tests, also accommodation(if booked) and local transport fee. (The remaining refund is done in one month after your arrival)

If you would like to cancel your treatment yourself before you travel, after your arrival or do not feel comfortable with the expectation or advice of the surgeon/doctor, there is not any obligation for you to undergo the surgery. You will be only liable to pay for all medical arrangements, hotel (if booked), local transports, surgical equipment, ordered for your surgery, and surgeon consultation, exam and tests fee together with the admin charges of your deposit in total. Deposits are non-refundable due to your personal cancellation request. We can only postpone your appointment to a later date at your request.

You can pay by UK or TURKEY bank transfer or with 3D Secured online payment system by card below (There is +%4 extra bank commission on card payments).

*For Full Terms and Conditions please click here

1-) Pay by Bank Transfer

>>> Bank Transfer Details <<< Click

2-) Pay online by WORLDPAY, please follow the instructions below
*You need to add an extra %4 bank deduction rate on top of your original payment.

For example; If your payment is 100 (£/$/€), you need to type as 104 into the box below.


  1. Enter the amount into the box below
  2. CLICK 'Make Payment'
  3. Select your payment method (Mastercard, Visa)
  4. Enter your card and address details
  5. CLICK 'Make Payment'

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