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Navigating Labiaplasty: Empowerment Through Personal Choice at formedi clinic, Antalya

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at reshaping the labia minora (the inner vaginal lips) and/or the labia majora (the outer vaginal lips). Many women choose this procedure to alleviate discomfort caused by enlarged labia, which can interfere with daily activities, exercise, or sexual intercourse. Others may seek labiaplasty for aesthetic reasons, desiring a certain appearance or symmetry.

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Does the Labiaplasty Surgery Work?

Labiaplasty is typically performed under local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia, depending on the patient's preference and the complexity of the surgery. The procedure involves the careful removal of excess tissue from the labia to achieve the desired shape and size. The goal is to maintain the natural contour and sensitivity of the labia while addressing the patient's concerns.
Formedi Labiaplasty Surgery
Labiaplasty Surgery Techniques in Turkey

At Formedi Clinic, our plastic surgeons employ various techniques tailored to each patient's unique anatomy and goals, including:

•Trim Technique: Removing excess labial edge to reduce length.
•Wedge Technique: Cutting out a pie-shaped wedge of tissue to maintain a natural border.
•Central De-epithelialization: Removing a strip of tissue from the central labia while preserving the natural labial edge.

Pros and Cons


•Enhanced Comfort: Reduction in discomfort during physical activities or intercourse.
•Increased Confidence: Improvement in self-esteem and body image.
•Aesthetic Improvement: Achieving a more balanced or symmetrical appearance.


•Recovery Time: A period of healing is required, with some limitations on activities.
•Surgical Risks: As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks, including infection and changes in sensation.
•Emotional Impact: It’s important to have realistic expectations and understand the emotional aspects of undergoing labiaplasty.

How to Prepare for Labiaplasty Surgery

Preparation for labiaplasty at formedi clinic involves:

•Consultation: An in-depth discussion with your surgeon about your goals, concerns, and what the procedure entails.
•Medical Evaluation: Assessing your health to ensure you're a suitable candidate for surgery.
•Pre-Surgery Instructions: Guidelines on fasting, ceasing certain medications, and arranging for post-surgery care.

Labiaplasty Surgery Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Information


•Detailed instructions on preparing for your surgery, including hygiene and arrival times.


•Care instructions for the surgical area, pain management strategies, and activity restrictions to ensure a smooth recovery.

Labiaplasty Recovery and Healing Process

The recovery process varies by individual but generally includes:

•Rest: Taking it easy and avoiding strenuous activities for the first few weeks.
•Hygiene: Following specific instructions to keep the area clean and reduce the risk of infection.
•Follow-Up Visits: Scheduled appointments with your surgeon to monitor your healing and address any concerns.

Risks and Side Effects of Labiaplasty Surgery

Potential risks associated with labiaplasty include:

•Infection and Bleeding: Common risks associated with any surgery, minimised by following post-operative care instructions.
•Changes in Sensation: Temporary or, in rare cases, permanent changes in sensitivity.
•Scarring: Typically minimal and strategically placed to be less noticeable.

Labiaplasty at formedi clinic is more than a procedure; it's a step towards embracing your body with confidence and living comfortably in your skin. We understand the sensitivity surrounding this choice and are here to support you with professionalism, empathy, and expertise. Let us help you achieve your goals, ensuring you feel empowered and informed throughout your journey with us in Antalya, Turkey.

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