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Facelift Surgery with formedi in Turkey

A facelift reduces wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck caused by ageing or weight loss. The procedure removes excess skin, tightens the underlying muscles, and redrapes the skin in a higher position. Formedi offers high-quality services for you.

formedi Face Lift Surgery

What is the scope of this operation?

Although there is little difference, the method, applied to men and women, is almost the same. The marks start right in front of sideburns, continue in front of the ear and end behind the ear. The marks are behind the ear and the scar marks can be easily concealed.

The skin and subdermal structure is prepared in two layers and stretched separately, by doing so, it is aimed to give the healthiest and youngest look to the face.

What type of anaesthesia is used and what is the duration of operation?

Facelift surgery is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthesia. If the surgical procedure involves only facial stretching, it will last 2-4 hours, but if combined with eyelid, forehead and under-chin fat removal procedures, the duration will be extended accordingly.

What will happen after facelift surgery?

After surgery, there will be two drains sticking out behind the ears. These drains can be removed 24-48 hours after the follow-up check. It is possible to have a light shower from the 4th day after the surgery. There will be no stitching material to be removed from your face or anywhere.

Right after the surgery, there may be a feeling of numbness on the skin. It will take months for the sensation to fully regenerate. Normally, this period is 4-6 months.

Following the operation, there may be swelling and bruising of varying degrees on the face. They will disappear within 3-4 weeks.

Patients who undergo this surgery will not experience serious pain or irritation problems.

What kind of a scar mark is seen after facelift surgery?

Scar marks will be on the incision areas. Scar marks will not be so apparent, as they will be hidden in front of and behind the ears. These marks will be slightly reddish for the first few months. Redness will disappear in time. Surgical scars are easily concealed in slightly long hair and the presence of scars usually does not cause any discomfort.

What are the risks of facelift surgery?

The most serious problem is congestion under the face skin. This risk is minimized by drains placed during surgery. During surgery, nerves stimulating facial mimic muscles might be damaged and asymmetries may occur in mimics. However, most of these asymmetries are temporary and in a few months, they will return to normal.

When can I return to my daily life?

The day after the surgery, you can easily stand up and can walk inside the house. Mild walking would be helpful. For the first two weeks, you can do housework. The majority of those who underwent this operation can return to work within two weeks.

Initially, the look on your face may be interesting to you. Due to the current swelling, facial expressions may appear to be reduced. In the first week, the person may be worried because of the new appearance and the marks that will occur. However, from the 4th week, your look will be better.

After the Surgery

  • In the first few postoperative days, there may be mild pain but can be relieved with painkillers.
  • Bruises and swelling occur on the face. They will disappear within 7 to 14 days.
  • Skin sensitivity may be experienced for several weeks. Some numbness of the skin is quite normal; it will pass in a few months.
  • The face takes its actual shape within a few weeks. Your surgeon will advise you to keep your head in an upright position for a few days, if possible, to reduce the swelling.
  • The head bandage will be removed on the next day and dressings are applied. Don’t be surprised to see a pale, purple and swollen face. Keep in mind that you will have a normal look in a few weeks.
  • Permanent results can continue for many years, but it depends on the type of skin (thin skins scratch more quickly) and lifestyle (stress, alcohol, etc.).

    Full Face Lift Surgery watch how it works

What are the differences in Facelift Surgery?

Each type targets specific areas of the face and addresses different signs of aging, offering unique benefits tailored to individual patient needs.

Can a facelift improve wrinkles and crowfeet?

While a facelift primarily focuses on tightening sagging facial skin and underlying tissues, it can also help improve the appearance of wrinkles and crow's feet to some extent.
Here's how a facelift can help improve wrinkles and crow's feet:

How to maintain results after a facelift?

1-)Follow Post-Operative Instructions:

•Your plastic surgeon at formedi will provide specific post-operative instructions to follow during the recovery period. It's essential to adhere to these instructions carefully to promote proper healing and optimal results.

•This may include avoiding strenuous activities, refraining from smoking and alcohol consumption, and keeping the head elevated to reduce swelling.

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