Why Brits travel to Turkey for dental treatment

Some articles from dental clinics in the UK outline concerns about dental treatments obtained in Turkey. They highlight risks such as the potential for botched procedures leading to additional, costly treatments, differences in treatment standards, lack of legal protection under UK law for treatments abroad, and communication barriers. They advise caution and thorough research before considering dental tourism in Turkey.

Dentists worldwide, not only in the United Kingdom but also in other developed countries like Turkey, undergo years of disciplined education and are subject to various examinations until they graduate. Malpractice is not unique to dentists in the UK; in other developed countries, patients are also protected under the law to claim medical negligence, should something go wrong.

Cost-Effectiveness: Dental treatments in Turkey often cost significantly less than in the UK, even with the inclusion of travel and accommodation expenses. This makes it an attractive option for those unable to afford the high costs of dental care in their home country.

Quality of Care: Many dental clinics in Turkey offer high-quality treatments, using the same materials or even better technology as found in Western countries. These clinics also have internationally trained and experienced dentists who adhere to global standards.

Advanced Technology: Most Turkish dental clinics are at the forefront of dental technology, offering advanced procedures that may not be readily available or are much more expensive in the UK.

Tourism Aspect: Combining dental treatment with the opportunity to visit a new country is an attractive proposition for many. Turkey's rich cultural history, natural beauty, and warm hospitality enhance the appeal.

Short Waiting Times: Unlike the UK, where patients might wait for months for even a small dental procedure, clinics in Turkey often have no waiting times, allowing for quicker treatment.

Regulatory Environment: While some dental clinics in the UK raise concerns about regulatory standards, it is essential to note that the majority of the clinics or medical centres in Turkey are regulated and licenced by the Turkish Health Ministry to provide medical tourism services to international patients and adhere to strict hygiene, safety and ethical standards under Turkey laws.

Positive Testimonials: There are hundreds of thousands of testimonials and reviews from satisfied patients who have travelled from the UK and received dental treatments in Turkey, highlighting successful outcomes and positive experiences.

Comprehensive Packages: Most Turkish clinics offer comprehensive packages that include treatment, accommodation, local transfers and even sightseeing tours, making the process hassle-free for international patients.

*Most clinics in Turkey offer free revision/correction treatment if something goes wrong due to an unexpected complication. In this case, Patients only book their flights, which is the same cost or cheaper than a dentist consultation fee in the UK.

There are thousands of video reviews from patients, who live in the UK, stating how difficult and expensive to get dental treatment in the UK.

In summary, while it is crucial to conduct thorough research and choose reputable clinics, Turkey offers a combination of affordability, quality care, and a pleasant travel experience, making it a logical destination for many seeking affordable and quality dental treatment.

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