Can I sit on my buttocks after the BBL?

Following a BBL, it's essential to avoid putting pressure on the newly transferred fat cells in the buttocks to ensure optimal results. Typically, plastic surgeons recommend avoiding sitting directly on the buttocks or lying on your back for an extended period immediately after surgery.

The duration of time you should refrain from sitting on your buttocks after a BBL varies depending on several factors, including the techniques used during surgery, the amount of fat transferred, and individual healing capacity. In general, most plastic surgeons advise patients to avoid sitting or lying on their backs for at least two to three weeks following a BBL.

During this initial recovery period, you may need to make modifications to your daily activities to minimize pressure on the buttocks. This may include using special pillows or cushions to sit on, avoiding prolonged periods of sitting, and sleeping on your stomach or side to alleviate pressure on the buttocks.

Your plastic surgeon at Formedi will provide you with specific guidelines on when it's safe to resume sitting on your buttocks based on your circumstances. They will monitor your healing progress during follow-up appointments and advise you accordingly.

While it's essential to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks during the early stages of recovery, you can still engage in light activities that do not put pressure on the buttocks, such as walking or standing. It's essential to listen to your body and avoid overexertion during this time.

As you continue to heal, your plastic surgeon may gradually allow you to resume sitting on your buttocks, usually after the initial two to three weeks post-surgery. However, it's crucial to ease back into sitting gradually and avoid prolonged periods of sitting to prevent disrupting the fat grafting process.

In summary, it's essential to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for at least two to three weeks following a BBL to protect the newly transferred fat cells and ensure optimal results. By following your plastic surgeon's recommendations and allowing your body time to heal properly, you can enjoy the beautiful and natural-looking results of your BBL procedure.