How to choose the right size for breast implants?

Finding the Perfect Fit: A Guide to Choosing the Right Size for Breast Implants

Embarking on the journey of breast augmentation or breast enlargement is a personal and transformative decision. One of the crucial aspects of this process is selecting the right size for your breast implants.

Understanding Your Body and Preferences:

Choosing the right size for breast implants involves a careful consideration of your body proportions, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

1-) Body Proportions:

‣Your plastic surgeon will assess your body proportions to recommend implant sizes that complement your natural curves.

‣Consider the overall balance and harmony with your frame for a more natural look.

2-) Lifestyle Considerations:

‣Your daily activities and lifestyle can impact the ideal implant size.

‣Communicate openly with your plastic surgeon about your lifestyle to ensure the chosen size aligns with your comfort and daily routines.

3-) Personal Preferences:

‣Express your aesthetic goals and desires during consultations to guide the decision-making process.

‣Bring reference images to help convey the look you wish to achieve.

Choosing the right size for breast implants is a personalized and collaborative process. For those considering breast augmentation in Antalya, Turkey, formedi offers a blend of expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and personalized care. Your journey to finding the perfect fit begins with open communication, professional guidance, and the assurance of formedi's commitment to your satisfaction.

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How many days Do I need to stay after the breast implant surgery?

You need to stay min one night in the hospital and min. 4 days in your accommodation after the surgery to complete the follow-up checks safely.

What breast implant brands do you have ?

We use Polytech, MOTIVA, Mentor brand implants, which is FDA approved, internationally recognised and used by most of the plastic surgeons all over the world.

Can I come to my surgery alone ?

You can as there will be doctor assistant with you during your treatment process, however It is always better to come with someone to support and company you during your treatment process.