Assoc. Prof. Dr Arzu AKCAL

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

Dr Arzu Akcal is a European Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. After graduating from Istanbul Pertevniyal High School in 1997, Dr Akcal started studying medicine at Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty. She completed a plastic and reconstructive surgery education at Sisli Etfal Research and Education Hospital, where is one of the most important and renowned plastic surgery hospitals in Turkey, in 2009 and she was granted the title of plastic surgery specialist.

During her specialisation training, She has done postgraduate by working on Molecular Biology and Genetics at Haliç University, Faculty of Science and Technology. She found the opportunity to work as a consultant specialist at Belgium Ghent University after finishing her specialist education. After She returned to Turkey, she completed the compulsory public service at Kilis State Hospital between 2011-2013. She then worked as an assistant professor at Akdeniz University for the following four years. She has been titled as associate professor doctor by Akdeniz University, where is the first face transplant surgery successfully performed in the world, in 2017. In the meantime, She went to Stanford University, School of Medicine, Plastic Surgery Clinic in the United States to participate in international researches. She returned back to Turkey, She worked as a plastic surgeon at Antalya Life Hospital and now She is running her own private clinic and work with formedi Turkey at the same time to host international patients.

Dr Akcal utilizes a patient-centred approach. Her practice philosophy prioritizes quality over quantity and focuses on the efficient delivery of the highest-quality care. The patient experience is her primary focus and achieving superior surgical outcomes is her main objective.

Dr Arzu Akcal ASPSDr Arzu Akcal

Dr Arzu Akcal Plastic Surgeon European Board Certified Dr Arzu Akcal Plastic Surgeon European Board Certified
Dr Arzu Akcal Plastic Surgery Specialisation Dr Arzu Akcal Plastic Surgery Specialisation
Dr Arzu Akcal Medical Doctor Certificate Dr Arzu Akcal Medical Doctor Certificate